Funky Ultimate LE Junior Cricket Bat - Harrow

Funky Ultimate LE Junior Cricket Bat – Harrow


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Product Description

Designed for maximum performance, Funky cricket bats are unique in that they are not pressed as hard as other bats which gives more “spring” in the wood resulting in unbelievable power which you won’t experience from any other cricket bat. If you want to hit the ball harder and further than anyone else, then you need a Funky cricket bat.
Due to this we always recommend some further knocking in around the edges and toe before use, as edges and yorkers can crack the soft wood if the bat is not fully prepared.
This bat has been designed for the modern cricketer with huge edges, a mid sweet spot and a sweeping bowed blade.
Available in four grades of willow, the difference between the models is as follows:
Limited Edition – made from the very finest Grade 1 willow, strictly limited by availability
F1000 – made from Grade 1 English Willow
F2000 – made from Grade 2 English Willow
F3000 – made from Grade 3 English Willow
The higher grades of willow will have straighter grains and less blemishes and generate the greatest amount of “ping” off the bat.


  • Cricket Bat Size: Harrow
  • Age/Gender: Junior
  • Willow Grade: Grade 1 LE
  • Sweet Spot: Mid
  • Knocked In: Pre-Prepared – Further Knocking In Recommended
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